Roy Sawh, Live at Speakers Corner, London - Double CD Set POST FREE OFFER

Roy Sawh was recorded at Speakers Corner, London. where every Sunday Roy attracted hundreds of people, some found him irritating, some heckled but most people loved him. Roy was remarkable in his dissection of British politics and British history.

The two-CDs were recorded in the early 1990's over a period of a few weeks and capture the power and humour of Roy Sawh and his audiences. There is a little strong language, which may not be suitable for teenagers.

Roy Sawh's first book From Where I Stand  was published in 1987 (it is now out of print). A new and up-to-date profile of Dr Roy Sawh will be published in the new year, it will be a remarkable story of a true campaigner who was prepared to go to prison to test the British Race Relations Laws.

This double CD recorded material is suitable for adults only. POST FREE OFFER to celebrate Roy's 80th birthday

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(Left) Roy Sawh in a jovial mood at Speaker's Corner, London.

(Centre) The cover of Roy's first book 'From Where I Stand' is now out of print - however, the good news is that new biography is underway, to be published in 2014 by Buzzword UK, and it promises to be a sensation.

(Right) Dr Roy Sawh, pictured at the ceremony for receiving his Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from the London Metropolitan University.

This double Audio CD set of live recorded material is suitable for adults only.


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One Big Fan   |  2013-12-24

Since I received my CD set I have not stopped listening to Roy Sawh. He is so inspirational and he was so far ahead of the politicians then and even today. Thank you Buzzword for preserving a unique piece of British History. Good Luck to Roy. John McC

Alex the Heckler  |  2013-11-09

I remember Roy at Speaker's Corner, he was extremely knowledgeable and very witty. I am looking forward to listening to his audio tapes. Alex F Cook

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